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Modena Classic Works - Pierangelo Masselli

via Karl Marx 107, 41012 Carpi (Modena)



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Our Philosophy

Every Car and Customer Are Unique

We always prefer to go back to square one, with our endowment of knowledge and experience. We don’t like artificiality and we always work with respect and emotion on every historical car, as it were our first. We care about every detail, always going for the best quality and dedication on specifics. We endorse all our works and restorations, we stand up for them, proud of what we have achieved. On the contrary, we wouldn’t deliver the car to the customer.

The Cars on Sale

Selected One by One

The cars we present and propose are all ready for driving and being experienced, not static objects to collect. They are moving cars, not stationary cars. When we show them, they have passed all of our artisans’ tests; and, in the end, they are personally tested and driven by our founder, who brings them to the limit pretending the maximum safety besides pure beauty. Only then they become Modena Classic Works cars.

Our Archive

our restored cars

We have manufactured lots of cars, restored them, brought them back to their ancient splendour, cuddled them, tested and brought them to the limit. Our hands worked on many, some remained in our collection, others left for different destinations, but it is important for us to include as many as possible in our constantly updating virtual archives. This is our real business card. This is Modena Classic Works.

Latest achievements

models for sale


1.Lancia1961, Flaminia GT Touring Coupé


2.Aston Martin2004, DB7 Vantage Volante


3.Ferrari1972, 365 GTB/4


4.Lancia1954, Aurelia B20

Our History

Love for excellence

Love and passion are at the base of our business. Our founder is, first at all, an enthusiast, a lover of classic cars and perfection. This is what we do every day for each single car: we watch it, we analyse and observe it, we read up on it and, eventually, we start planning its restoration. In a short and certain period of time.